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Many companies underestimate the potential for significant damage to their reputation and the risk to their networks from data protection and IT-security breaches. Our network partners can assist you in complying with national and international legislation.

Personal Data Security

Sensitive information about individuals

Security is more than just an IT problem.
Unlike most commercial data, personal data requires special protection. Our network partners can audit your security systems and give recommendations to ensure an adequate protection level for personal information.

Due to current data protection rules, it is important to follow certain principles and rules of data protection laws, e.g. keep only what you need for your business, dispose of what you no longer need and protect the information in your care.

Our network partners can assist you in finding out what kind of personal information is stored in your files and on your computers as it is important for data protection issues. We have guidelines which help you to stay in line with current data protection legislation. Our network partners will help you to create a plan in response to security incidents.

Specialized software

Data protection solutions for your IT-system

As the state of technological development changes, firms need practical software solutions to implement data protection standards.

Thus, firms need to secure their documentation system.
Security rules apply in particular to the transmission of personal data over a network.
With cloud storage becoming the standard, it is becoming more necessary to have specialized software that protects the storage and transmission of personal data in your system.

When applicable, we provide intranet software to keep your privacy records safe and untouched – so you can bring them to a court if necessary.


What you can do... and what you can't

If you need to setup an ethics hotline or website, special European provisions to protect individuals may apply. The network consultants will help you country by country to apply the principles of data protection, as stated in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) about whistleblowing schemes. The establishment of whistleblowing schemes shall in particular be implemented with regards to the rights of the accused person to

  • information
  • access
  • rectification and erasure of data

Data transfer framework

The most important rules

Transferring data out of Europe can prove quite difficult. As there are many solutions available we can help you choose the most effective one for your company.

Privacy Shield Framework

If we decide together that joining the Privacy Shield is the best solution for you, we would provide assistance with:

  • confirming your eligibility to participate in the Privacy Shield
  • guiding you through the self-certification process

Privacy Shield program

The Privacy Shield program includes:

  • verifying and adapting your Privacy Policy to comply with both legal systems
  • setting up your internal process to address any enquiry or complaint
  • preparing the required information for the self-certification, which contains relevant current and future processes
  • assessing the whole process regularly

Binding Corporate Rules

An alternative to the Privacy Shield program are Binding Corporate Rules which help with

  • setting up internal rules (such as a Code of Conduct) that have been adopted by multinational groups of companies
  • defining global policies with regard to the international transfers of personal data within the same corporate group
  • ensuring an appropriate level of data protection in entities that are located in countries which do not provide adequate safeguards

BCR must contain privacy standards (such as transparency, data quality, security, etc.) as well as tools of effectiveness (audit, training, complaint handling system, etc.).

Services or Products Audit

Pre-check your compliance

Innovative services or products have to be checked before they can be launched on the European market, for example services like Facebook Custom Audiences or Google Street View initially conflicted with European rules about privacy.

Subcontractor checks

A necessity for every firm

Companies are responsible for their subcontractors (so-called ‘processors’ under the GDPR) including any relating compliance topics such as security or privacy.

A firm will often engage a subcontractor to process personal data on its behalf. Data protection legislation constitutes that the firm as the initiator is responsible for the level of data protection. Under the GDPR, there has to be a written contract which includes appropriate security, other data protection measures such as control rights and the provision that personal data will be processed only after receiving authorization and instructions from the initiating firm.

The subcontractor must take certain steps to ensure that data protection standards are maintained. This ensures that the standard of security is maintained when personal data is passed from the controller (the initiating firm) to the processor (the subcontractor).

Our network partners can not only help you in checking your subcontractors contracts, but also tell you how to draft the contracts and - at a practical level – help to assure you that the subcontractor has suitable technical security and organizational measures in place which comply with data protection standards.

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