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Briffa is an award-winning firm of lawyers based in London specializing in business and law, in particular information technology and intellectual property law.

Briffa are experts in privacy matters and data protection. They have experience in providing practical advice and guidance in this area of law and have safely steered Clients through the UK system. Companies operating in the UK must take note of general commin law principles in this area as well as the strict regulatory regime which applies across Europe.

Briffa are able to assist Clients of all sizes and in all sectors including those that are most likely to handle sensitive data. We believe every client is different and should receive our best attention and effort. Working mainly on fixed fees, we care about our clients and we are experts in what we do.

Key practice areas
  • Information Law
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Detecting and investigating others using your Intellectual Property
  • Preventing others from unlawfully using your Intellectual Property
  • Protecting your brands, designs and patents
  • Trade mark portfolio management
  • Licensing, joint ventures
  • Information Technology

Many different sized enterprises, from small companies such as A Little Square and Zolmo ranging to large companies such as Sega, Duck and Cover Clothing, Hardy Amies and many more.

Contact Margaret Briffa
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street, Islington
London N1 0QH
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 2072886003
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