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Sobczyk & Współpracownicy (Poland)

The Office specialises in labour law and provides comprehensive legal service for business. It is ranked highly among leaders nationwide for the scope and quality of the services offered in the field of employment relations, collective bargaining and data protection.

The data protection branch in the Office is led by –one of their legal advisors, Dominika Dörre-Nowak. She is an assistant professor at the Labor Law and social policy department of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Her doctoral thesis on the protection of employee’s personal interests, counteracting discrimination and mobbing is highly valued in Polish literature on labour law. She is also a specialist in collective labor law and, in particular, the co-operation between employers and unions.

In collaboration with the Office she gives opinions on cases related to data protection issues (from an administrative and civil perspective) , protection of personal rights in the employment, including the protection of employees' privacy, admissible monitoring, as well as problems connected with sexual harassment and bullying.

Key practice areas
  • labour law (individual and collective)
  • data protection
  • intelectual property
  • collective bargaining
  • collective disputes
  • trade union law

References on request.

Contact Dominika Dorre Nowak
Sobczyk & Współpracownicy
ul. Zaleskiego 8/3b
31-525 Kraków

Telephone: +48 124105410
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