European Data Protection Regulation – Information Sheet

The European Data Protection Regulation is on its way; On 15 December 2015, the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission (so-called "trilogue") reached an agreement on the new data protection rules. The Privacy Europe information sheet on the European Data Protection Regulation gives you an overview and practical recommendations on how to deal with the new provisions.

Information Sheet on the European Data Protection Regulation

The reform concerning an EU-wide data protection standard has been an ongoing process since 2012. The rules of the European Data Protection Regulation will come into force in 2018. European businesses or those businesses targeting European customers should be prepared by then.

Contents of the Information Sheet

In a joint effort the PRIVACY EUROPE network partners have worked together on providing information on the new regulation. The “European Data Protection Regulation – Information Sheet” aims at providing a guideline for companies’ privacy organization. The 16 page document summarizes core aspects of the regulation and concludes with suggestions for companies on what to do, in order to be prepared.

The Information Sheet takes a closer look at the following aspects:

  • Different types of personal data including their definition
  • Introduction of new rights of the data subject
  • Legal grounds for data processing
  • Compliance and Transparency
  • Enforcement, Risks and Sanctions
  • The “one-stop-shop” principle
  • Data processing by a service provider (data processor)
  • International data transfers
  • The role of the data protection officer (DPO)
  • Profiling
  • Big Data
  • Data protection in the Cloud
  • Data protection in the Workplace
  • Conclusion

You can download the document for free:
European Data Protection Regulation – Information Sheet (PDF)


PRIVACY EUROPE is a network of privacy professionals around Europe, working everyday with the challenges of businesses complying with privacy laws and regulations. The network provides companies with advice on both the general data protection framework as well as country-specific legislation.

We, as data protection specialists around Europe, believe that it is necessary for businesses to be informed and to prepare early enough for the changes in European data protection law. For further information about the European Data Protection Regulation and advice on the implementation of the provisions don’t hesitate to contact us under!

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