Data is money: Carmakers don’t want to give data to tech companies


Smartphones, infotainment systems and GPS navigation are a big issue of car driving – and car manufacturing. Some carmakers start to see "cooperation partners" such as Apple and Google as potential competitors now - and don't want to give the data which is generated while driving away for free - because this data may be worth billions of dollars...

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BCRs and CBPRs – a way forward to international data protection for companies?


BCRS (Binding Corporate Rules) and CBPRs (cross-border privacy rules) are both data transfer mechanisms companies may achieve for international data transfers – BCRs as a European standard and CBPRs as an APEC-based standard. Now, an EU/APEC working group has approved a plan to make it easier for companies to comply with both mechanisms.

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CJEU – Home Surveillance subject to European data protection laws


At the end of last year the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) decided in František Ryneš the issue whether the “personal or household” exclusion from data protection law applies to the use of home surveillance devices.

The court found that a person who uses closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for the purpose of home security but at the same time also records a public sidewalk which is located outside of a private home may be governed by EU data protection law.

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