Privacy Europe

About the Network

The idea of setting up a network first came about when intersoft consulting services AG worked with a client who had questions on international data privacy issues and compliance with European legislation. In order to find out the correct procedures, they decided to contact an agency in France that specializes in IT law.


Other European consultancies realized that more and more Global Companies required professional advice on Data Privacy due to differences in laws. This led to the creation of an European Network, addressing both the general European framework and each country specifics.

As a result, the Privacy Europe network was created in late 2009 by the two founding members:
intersoft consulting services AG (Germany) and Cabinet CILEX (France), as they believed it would be beneficial to include other countries in any future international cases.

Our Network

Working with the network means there will be a common approach and methodology, as well as a single point of contact for all your subsidiaries.

Moreover, the network will provide one unified, complete solution for all your European activities. Whether you need one contract for Europe or local, specific advice for one office, we'll provide the correct level of professional service.


We hope to build a stronger network and form relationships with other consulting firms both in Europe and worldwide, which will facilitate complying with each countries’ laws and regulations regarding data protection.

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